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Creating and Keeping Quality Client Relationships

March 31, 2022

No matter how well managed your business is or how great your product is, your company will not prosper without customers. Clients decide which companies succeed and which ones fail. Without their business there can be no business at all. And while there are a lot of ways to treat your clients wrong, there are just as many ways to treat them right. We asked a few of our team members here at Cork Tree Creative how they created quality client relationships. Read on for the advice they shared!

Client Communication is Key

Communication is the most important part of any relationship, and client relationships are no different. Account Executive Jaci Rothe strives for constant communication with her clients. She does so by keeping them updated on anything pertaining to their account and doing so promptly.

“If I haven't heard from my clients in a while, I always reach out to them and check in because I never want them to question my work ethic or my intentions,” Jaci said. “Also, I always send them updates and share successes with them to back up the work I am doing.”

Jaci’s idea of communication goes beyond just quick responses to emails and phone calls. Clients want to know that what they are paying for is working. If a client's AdWords campaign received a record amount of conversions for the month or their cost per click decreases, she lets them know. After Jaci sends out a press release for a client, she takes the extra time to gather all the news clippings of the article to share with the client. Those small, detail-oriented gestures create great relationships and show clients she truly cares about their business.

Deliver as Promised

Honesty is always the best policy, especially when working with clients. Co-owner and public relations director Laura Reed says honesty has been the most important quality to creating great client relationships throughout her years in the marketing world.

“At Cork Tree, we don't over promise,” Laura said. “We do what we say we are going to do, and if something doesn't work out the way we expected, we own it and make a suggestion on how to best remedy the situation."

Never promise something that you don’t have the capability or intention of doing. Be considerate of your clients’ time and the money they are spending on your services by staying truthful with them about the timeline and quality of their projects.

Keep it Real with Respect

Respect is a two way street; when you give it, you will usually receive it in return. And it is far easier to respect someone when you know them as both a person and a professional. Graphic designer Carmen Sledge maintains great relationships with her clients by being both real and respectful. She thinks the best thing about Cork Tree Creative is his coworkers’ ability to add originality and personality to their work while remaining professional.

Never Stop Improving

When clients hire a company’s services, they trust that company is an expert in their field. To the newest member of our team, website builder Jessi Conoyer, being an expert means keeping up with the latest changes in web design and digital marketing. It also means staying on top of the trends in her field and continuing to learn even after leaving the office for the day. In doing so, she helps build those great relationships with her 

Not only does Jessi learn what is happening in her field, but she also learns about what is happening in her clients'. She and the rest of the Cork Tree Creative team take the time to get to know each client’s business before beginning a marketing project for them. This ensures their work is accurate and exceeds the standards set in a client’s field.

“When you genuinely love your job, it shows,” Jessi said. “Clients come to us because of the effort we put in and the quality we put out. Once they know how much we geek out over our jobs, we become their go-to for all things creative.”

But don’t just take our word for it; read our testimonials to get a client’s perspective on what it’s like to work with Cork Tree Creative. Then give us a call at (618) 656-7333 or visit our office to speak with one of our trusted account executives and kick-start your success today.