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Is Your Business Leveraging Social Media?

August 4, 2014

Explaining Social Media

In our industry, we are constantly hearing about new social media sites, best practices and what businesses are doing (or in some cases not doing) with their social media programs. Some businesses believe that a social media program just doesn’t make sense for theme. And, that may be the case depending on the target audience, consumers and their products or services. Regardless, it’s always helpful to know what the competition may be doing and how marketing is evolving. Honestly, social media is a credible tool you can’t completely ignore. 

Facebook Social Media

Facebook has become a platform for family members to share stories, photos, life events, career updates and more. Also, businesses are using Facebook to connect with their target audiences.  Facebook can be a powerful tool to build viable relationships with users. In addition, companies can also advertise through Facebook to pull in new leads. What’s not to like about that?

LinkedIn Social Media

LinkedIn is another effective networking site for business professionals. It is a great tool to not only connect with professionals in like industries, but also used for recruitment, sharing expertise, and making new connections for leads to building your bottom line.  LinkedIn offers yet another way to see what competitors are doing by sharing success stories as well as challenges. As with Facebook, LinkedIn can also drive people to your website, which helps you with brand exposure, search engine optimization, overall product & service promotion – all things that help businesses succeed.

Facebook and LinkedIn are just the tip of the social media iceberg, so to speak. There are several other great social media sites that Cork Tree Creative can recommend for your business to help it succeed in the online world.  Whether you’d like training for you and your employees or interested in having us manage a full-fledged program for you, we’re ready to help.  Want to learn more? Give us a call at (618) 656-7333.