Social Media Management

Social Media Management Services in St. Louis

Many people who have been newly introduced to social media sites or who struggle with how it can all help their business, often ask us why they should use social networking sites. The answer is complicated to explain in terms of how it all impacts their company’s online reputation but the simple response is “Why not”? Most companies, especially those around large urban centers such as St. Louis, are using social media to improve search engine optimization efforts, build a greater following of fans/customers and to also get feedback on their product or services. If your company isn’t on social media sites, your customers may find it easier to engage with your competition. 

Engaging with customers online using social media is as important as having an awesome website.

It wasn’t long ago that companies were realizing the importance of having a robust website and investing large percentages of their annual marketing budgets to designing and maintaining an online presence. The need for a current, engaging website is as important as ever but so is the use of social marketing for making your company seem “relevant” and “engaged” in the marketplace. Facebook, Twitter and social networking sites such as YouTube and Google+ have an enormous amount of users, making your company’s presence on these sites a MUST so you don’t run the risk of your customers engaging with your competition instead.

Need social media Management Services in St. Louis?

One of the greatest obstacles to managing a social media campaign is having the time, experience and resources to organize and implement a campaign on all social media outlets. Our team will develop a calendar of posts, write each post in the most effective way for the chosen social networks, implement the posts on the desired schedule, and report to you the successes. We will also help you increase your following and engage with your fans on your behalf. Essentially, we can manage various social media sites with very little oversight from the client.

Let us Get You On Track

  • Full service social media planning
  • Social media marketing plan
  • Developing YouTube videos
  • Managing Tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn profiles and more
  • Facebook planning
  • Social media marketing
  • Online advertising

Want our help with only a portion of your social media marketing plan?

Some clients have the staffing to implement a social media campaign but they don’t have the expertise. We have helped clients in St. Louis and the Metro East, including Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Belleville and Collinsville in Illinois, to develop a social media marketing plan, training their staff to implement social networking campaigns and provide oversight at the client’s request if desired. We can simply set up the different social media sites and then turn the adminstrative duties over to you for a staff member to implement. Our range of involvement includes:


  1. Social media set up
  2. Social media set up and planning posts for social media sites
  3. Reorganizing existing social media sites and making recommendations on improvements
  4. Full service social media marketing plan to includes review of social networkings sites and programs, making recommendations, planning for future campaigns, implementing posts and reporting
  5. Contest development and fan base improvement

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