Social Media Marketing: It's Everybody's Job

May 12, 2016

Approaching Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing for Ice Cream Shop

Before the “Internet of Things”, we didn’t know what our business competitors were doing until we picked up the newspaper, digging through the news items. Charity golf scramble on Thursday? That’s when we heard all of the gossip about XYZ Company’s new product or a shuffling of personnel within a department’s management team.

With social media marketing, that’s all changed.

Before Digital Marketing:

Information is shared at a lightning pace now that there’s social media. Before digital marketing, it was much easier for sales staff to be in their own silo. Customer service people would then remain pigeonholed into their customer service departments. With the evolution of social media, there is a constant sharing of information and experiences that bridge all departments together. And CEOs and CMOs need to be aware of its significance.

Adapting to Social Media Marketing:

Clara Shih, a digital marketing superstar that has just written “The Social Business Imperative: Adapting Your Business Model to the Always-Connected Customer”, was highlighted in a recent article that focused on the power of staying connected. In her book she states that “digital has broken down all barriers, and the client doesn’t care about boundaries”, explaining that clients want a seamless experience when doing business with you. They don’t care what department holds your cubicle.

Shih believes that leadership teams often are too busy with their core business roles to pay attention to social media marketing happenings. They often delegate the management of their social media programs to their junior team members, paying limited attention to the broad, social media landscape.  Sound familiar?  Shih likens this to “being a retailer like Wal-Mart and delegating your entire online strategy to a junior online team. You would be missing the biggest change that was coming: Amazon.” Ever hear of it?

Create Your Social Strategy:

Owning a social and digital strategy for your business can be an overwhelming task, but also extremely rewarding. Want to stay relevant? Be on social media and know what your competitors are doing. Don’t assume that the person you have managing social media can do it alone. Your entire staff should be aware of your social media marketing strategy and understand its significance. Today, people are finding out information about you, your employees and your competitors more quickly than ever before.  

Cork Tree Creative is a full-service marketing and public relations agency that manages social media marketing for businesses big and small. Learn more by visiting our website here If you want to read the complete Forbes article, click the following link. Social Media Marketing: It's Everybody's Job

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