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The Better Contractor

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Industrial Marketing Strategy

Cork Tree Creative works with The Better Contractor to provide ongoing digital ad management, graphic design, and more.
The Better Contractor Website mockup

Brand and Web Development for Industrial Companies

One of our clients presented us with an idea for a business that would offer safety and leadership training to companies in the industrial sector. We took on the challenge and created The Better Contractor. Our team at Cork Tree Creative collaborated with the client to come up with a fitting brand name, logo, and overall image that would appeal to their target audience - individuals who are seen as strong, resilient, and rugged. Cork Tree Creative developed and designed a mobile-friendly website for The Better Contractor, following the creation of a cohesive brand standard.

Digital Ad Marketing for Industrial Companies

At Cork Tree Creative, we have a deep understanding of digital advertising, particularly when it comes to creating effective campaigns on popular platforms like Facebook and Google. We had the pleasure of teaming up with The Better Contractor to develop targeted ad campaigns that not only helped them reach potential customers but also generated valuable leads and increased their brand recognition. Our team's extensive knowledge of digital advertising allowed us to create effective campaigns that delivered tangible results.

Graphic Design Services for Industrial Company

Our team at Cork Tree Creative is dedicated to delivering top-notch design and development services to our clients. We take great pride in our work, and our collaboration with The Better Contractor has allowed us to take their brand recognition to the next level. Our showcase of graphic design projects for TBC includes:
Digital Newsletters
Handouts and One-Pagers
Retractable Banners
The Better Contractor mockups
The Better Contractor Banners
The Better Contractor website