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Meet Jim Harper

Executive Creative Director

30+ years of experience in identity, branding, design, and digital solutions and successfully named, positioned and launched multiple brands and products

Jim began his career during the dot com boom, joining The Zipatoni Company as the 75th hire out of a team of 350. He played a pivotal role in tackling the company’s major clients, including Miller Brewing and Bacardi Spirits, contributing to a successful $22 million a year budget. Within just five years, his talent and dedication propelled him from a digital artist to a senior creative.

Over the years, Jim’s expertise and leadership led him to spearhead creative teams at three different agencies, ultimately culminating in his ownership of Boxing Clever, an agency based in St. Louis. Under his guidance, Boxing Clever thrived for 12 years, earning accolades for its award-winning creative work and venturing into diverse ventures such as book publishing with celebrities, establishing a record label, helping launch numerous brands, and managing a majority of brands at Brown-Forman Spirits.

Seeking a change of pace and a schedule that kept him closer to home for a while, Jim sold his shares of Boxing Clever to his business partners and started a consultancy. He moved closer to home and set up an independent office in downtown Edwardsville, IL. Undeterred by the transition, Jim embarked on a new chapter, leveraging his expertise to brand and re-brand spirits, consumer packaged goods (CPG) products, and launch new brands across various sectors.

Throughout his career, Jim has demonstrated a relentless work ethic, accumulating three decades of uninterrupted experience in the advertising and digital landscape. He has excelled in leading creative teams with a strong focus on branding, digital marketing, and sales promotion. In recent years, Jim has dedicated his efforts to branding and re-branding initiatives, product naming, and successful product launches. He has also made significant contributions to content creation for numerous well-known brands.

Jim’s accomplishments extend beyond his individual ventures. In 2019, he collaborated with PR partner Weber-Shandwick’s St. Louis office to create, sell, and implement $1.2 million worth of social content for America’s Farmers, garnering exceptional results. Additionally, Jim has created the identity, design and concepts behind a Nascar backed music festival. The sectors Jim has worked with encompass spirits, medical/pharmaceutical, food, health and fitness, CPG, education, technology, and fashion.

As Jim continues to forge ahead, his future plans revolve around his passion for the industry, with a commitment to maintaining his impressive track record of delivering exceptional branding and digital solutions. With his extensive experience, strategic mindset, and unwavering dedication, Jim Harper remains a trusted and accomplished figure in the advertising world.