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Benefits of Using Video Marketing in Your Business Strategy

June 8, 2023

Why Video Marketing is Vital for Businesses Today

In a world where content is a dime a dozen, your marketing efforts must stand out. Unfortunately, it is too easy to hit delete, swipe away, or click into a different app when we find something boring. This has created a highly competitive market and a push toward producing engaging content.

Luckily, video marketing is one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention quickly. According to research, people remember 95% of a message in a video but only 10% of a written message. This makes video one of the most engaging platforms because audio and video stimulate multiple human senses and emotions. Audiences want something personable and relatable, and video marketing allows businesses to advertise, tell their story, and show their personality all at once.

Using Video Marketing Tools to Measure Success

Video marketing is a highly influential and powerful tool since it is so prevalent and easily accessible. The average internet user consumes 17 hours of online videos each week, which is projected to rise. To say that video is unnecessary for your business would be a lie. It not only increases sales and revenue, but it also creates trust and loyalty between your customers and your brand. Discover the top four amazing advantages of video marketing that can skyrocket your business's success!

Boosting Conversations

Strategizing to create conversations within your target audience may seem useless, but according to Invesp, word-of-mouth marketing produces over $6 trillion in annual consumer sales and accounts for 13% of consumer sales.

When your brand reaches your customers and makes an emotional connection, they will talk about it. Let your customers advertise and increase your brand awareness. Make sure to end your marketing video with a Call-To-Action to make them want to act and stay connected with your brand. 

Influencing Purchases

Why do people find video marketing more appealing? 65% of the population are visual learners, so it is easier for most people to stay engaged and retain information presented in a video format. Since visuals are stored in our long-term memory, people are more influenced to act on what the video sells or promotes.

Increase Web Traffic

One of the best ways to increase your brand’s visibility and popularity is by incorporating SEO in your marketing video’s caption. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it strategically picks popular keywords and phrases so your content ranks higher on search engines and is more accessible.

Companies that incorporate video on their websites rank 53% higher on search engine results pages. At Cork Tree Creative, we specialize in all SEO services and have the knowledge and expertise to incorporate SEO writing into your business. Hiring a specialized technical SEO agency like Cork Tree Creative will help boost your web traffic.

Increase Sales

When your company uses video marketing, it is easier to reach a specific target audience. We customize every video to fit your business's goals and can incorporate targeted ads and language.

Video builds consumer trust and creates emotional connections so your audience continues to buy from you. According to WordStream, brands that incorporated video into their marketing strategy increased their revenue 49% faster than brands that did not.

Working with a Video Marketing Agency for Maximum Results

Working alongside a video marketing agency can take your business to the next level. At Cork Tree Creative, we showcase our clients’ brands by creating successful marketing videos that connect with their target audience and drive revenue.

Our St. Louis production team has the experience and creativity to create a video to boost your sales and visibility. Contact us today to get started on your new marketing video.