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What Elements Make a Great Website?

April 1, 2022

Tips for Making a Great Website

When designing a website, it is crucial to make your site appealing, memorable and of course, functional. If a user does not get a sense of satisfaction from visiting your site in the first 10 seconds, then on to the next website they go with the sound of a mouse click. Do you want to build a credible, respected website for your company? Here are some simple, yet essential elements to designing a successful website that your customers will love as much as you do.

A Website Should Have Responsive Design

This is one of the most crucial, and yet overlooked elements in website design. Every great website should have a consistent flow through its pages. This can easily be achieved with a navigation menu that appears in the same location across all pages of the site. The navigation menu should encompass differentiated pages that are important to the user such as home, about us, portfolio, contact us, etc. It is important to keep navigational menus to a minimum, not exceeding more than five menu items. Font size and style should be consistent on a page, so that all content is easy to read. All paragraphs should carry the same amount of space between lines. When designing and organizing a site, one should act as the user and make sure that it is both easy to read and easy to navigate.

Your website should include your company’s contact information. Whether it appears in the header or as a separate “Contact Us” page, make sure it is highly visible. Contact information gives your website a sense of credibility and legitimacy. If your company or business has social media pages, link them to your site. Your website is the gateway to your business, don’t let users stop there. Allow them to check out your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts with a direct link to the pages. Having these links in the footer of your website across every page is ideal because users will be able to easily access them.

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