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7 Rapid-Fire Questions with Owner

March 3, 2018

Cork Tree Creative Co-Owner Jan Carpenter

Cork Tree Creative is up to new and exciting things lately, as we discovered from last month’s “Rapid Fire Questions” with Laura Reed. Today, we delve into the mind of Jan Carpenter, Cork Tree’s second owner and Creative Director. What is going on inside the brain of the artistic half of Cork Tree? Let’s find out.

What did you want to be when you were 10-years-old?

“A veterinarian. I’ve always loved animals, and originally, I wanted to be in the medical field. I was even looking at going into physical therapy. While I was working at a hospital, I also worked for a printer part-time. That’s when I fell into the marketing and graphic design world.”

Who is your role model?

“I have a lot of role models. My aunt and uncle were people that showed me that you can get out there and do some really exciting things in life and still remain a nice person and make a living. My husband is also a role model - he’s helped me achieve so many things. I get inspired by every-day people who are out there being successful and simultaneously being genuinely good people too.”

What was the most satisfying moment of your life?

“Probably having and raising my kids. It’s so rewarding to hear someone say, ‘Wow you have really nice kids!’”

What was your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

“My biggest challenge was balancing home and work while trying to start a business. What I had to do was take my business approach at a speed that still allowed me to do everything that I wanted to do with my kids. That meant I couldn’t put 100% in the business, but it’s what I had to do at that time. As my kids got older, I was able to put more and more time into the business.”

What do you wish you had more time to do?

“I wish I could go on more vacations and travel the world. I’d want to go to Europe, since I’ve never been, but an African safari is my dream trip.”

Where would you like to see the business 10 years from now?

“I would like to see it doubled in size and I would like to have some governmental contracts under our belt. We’ve been working really hard on securing those for the last couple of years.”

What would you do if you found a lottery ticket that ended up winning $10 million?

“I’d pay off all my bills. I know a lot of people say they would quit their job, but I wouldn’t. A winning lottery ticket would allow me to put more money into Cork Tree. Now, would I be here every day? Probably not [laughs]. But I wouldn’t leave the business, because I love it.”

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