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Google Analytics Certification Awarded to Amanda Juenger

February 27, 2018

Google Analytics Certified Account Executive

Edwardsville-based marketing and public relations firm, Cork Tree Creative Inc., announced today that Account Executive Amanda Juenger received certification in Google Analytics.

“Becoming certified as a Google Analytics professional is a huge step in being able to provide thorough and proactive website maintenance for our clients,” said Jan Carpenter, Creative Director at Cork Tree Creative. “We are very excited to have Amanda as our go-to expert when it comes to keeping our clients’ websites efficient and modern.”

Google Analytics allows for the tracking and reporting of website traffic, allowing for better visualization of a business’s audience and its needs. With this service, companies can see whether their current marketing strategies are reaching the right people, or if they need to change their approach. Data available to track include, but are not limited to, audience demographics, geographical location, how users arrive at the website, and how they interact with the website. For more information on our Google Analytics and website maintenance services, call (618) 656-7333.