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Business Cards: A Conversation Starter

June 15, 2018

While they are commonly overlooked, business cards play an important role in any business or organization. Your interaction with a potential client is the first impression, but your business card helps create a lasting impression. This is what they will think of your organization after the conversation fades. Whether you like it or not, you will be remembered by your business card. So, how do you want to be remembered?

Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Today, business cards can easily be a conversation piece that leave a lasting impression on a potential client or colleague. You don’t have to settle for black and white, one-sided or flimsy cardstock. Business cards are becoming more and more unique, so how does your card stack up?

Choose the Right Material

Who ever thought we would have to think about the material a business card is made with? While paper is still the most popular card material. However, plastic and metal are becoming more common for those looking to make an investment in impressions. Other different types of paper and cardstock are also growing in popularity. Now, cards can be printed on thicker cardstock that better withstands the test of time.

Consider Texture

Beyond paper, the texture of the card is becoming more differentiated than in the past. The options stretch far beyond matte or glossy. You name the texture, and it can likely be placed on a business card. Cards with a rubberized feel are highly popular because of their unique texture and the fact that they stay in place rather than slipping out of a pocket or off of a table.

Have The Right Content

Interesting material and textures only go so far, though. Content is still king with business cards. We recommend using both sides of the card for the design to ensure your brand message is effectively shared. Plus, a blank side is simply a waste of prime real estate. In the limited space that the card provides, every bit of real estate should be capitalized on. However, there should not be too much information on the card. Provide the information needed and a clear demonstration of your brand. This is a tight rope to walk, though. Do not place too much content on your card as you will quickly confuse and lose those you give your card to.

Create a Lasting Impression 

Don’t be afraid to get bold or creative with your business cards. There is nothing wrong with making your card stand out among the rest of the stack of business cards in a potential client’s desk drawer. If they remember your card, they will remember you. Make it different and rememberable.

Are you ready for a new business card? Let us know! We will take care of the content and design and even hand deliver them with a smile. We will help you make an impression and start a conversation.