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Company Culture: More Important than Ever

June 20, 2018

Improving Company Culture for Marketing Agencies

Strong company culture increases employee loyalty, performance and retention. But what is company culture? It is the inner core of the company. Company culture reflects how employees are treated by management, how employees work with one another and the values evident in the company. 

How can a company improve its company culture? It all starts at the top. Leadership is key in creating, improving and maintaining company culture. Therefore, this means you must serve as a role model to all employees at all times. You should encourage collaboration among employees, challenge the status quo, allow employees to lead and cheer them on as they lead. If each of these ideas are followed and embraced, the culture should improve.

You will quickly see the positive impact that stems from a strong company culture. Employees will be happier, more motivated, excited to take on new projects and genuinely satisfied at the end of each work day. Further, employees will be more likely to stay with a company long term.

A positive company culture should be clear to any potential client and any potential employee that enters the doors. It should also be promoted beyond the doors of the office. This is a story that can be told on company social media accounts and websites. It should be evident within the company and from an external point of view.

Do you need assistance sharing your company’s culture to external audiences? We can help! With our team of communication professionals, we can help ensure your social media accounts and websites tell the story of the inner workings of the company – as much or as little as you wish. Give us a call today (618) 656-7333 and we will find the best way to share your story.