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Increase Your Company's Online Traffic with Digital Advertising

March 31, 2022

Increasing Traffic with Digital Advertising

If you have a smartphone or use social media, you’ve probably seen digital ads pop up online that seemed remarkably coincidental to websites you’ve visited. You may have gone to a store or a restaurant and soon thereafter started seeing ads online related to that location. You may even have questioned it. “How did that happen? How did they know?” A savvy business owner may have asked, “how can I do that for my business?”

The answer is simple: digital advertising

It’s not sorcery or some shadowy conspiracy to spy on you. It’s smart, focused digital advertising, and it’s not just for major corporations. Digital ads fit into the marketing budgets of many small businesses and can be tailored to exactly what you’re looking for. Furthermore, in our increasingly “on demand” culture, this type of advertising can be essential to bringing you more customers.

What are the benefits of digital advertising versus traditional type of display ads?

In your budget

As previously stated, you can make a digital advertising campaign work for your bottom line. Take a look at your advertising budget and see what you’re currently spending on print ads or billboards. While those methods are still valuable, you could launch a more focused campaign to your exact target audience.

Speedy delivery

Unlike other forms of advertising, digital advertising can be easy to plan, design, and implement. The turnaround is rather quick, so you can have targeted digital ads in front of your consumers in no time.


Need to make changes to your digital advertising campaign after it’s launched? That can be a difficult task if you’re talking about signs or print ads, but digital ads don’t have many of those hurdles. You’ll find it’s much easier to make tweaks to your ads even after they’ve started running.

Targeted audience

One of the most exciting things about digital ads is who they reach. You’re not just putting up a sign and hope people see it, remember it, and make a purchase from it. Depending on how you want to set up your campaign, you can reach specific people in specific areas. The audience may be smaller, but it’s more likely to drive customers to your business.

Useful data

Best of all, the nature of digital ads make it very easy to track who is seeing your ads and who is  becoming a customer.  Like the campaign itself, the data it generates is focused and meaningful. This allows you to know how your ads are performing.

And that’s really just scratching the surface of the power of digital advertising. Whether you’re a start up or you’ve been in business for decades, the team at Cork Tree can walk you through the specifics of digital ads. We will tailor a campaign to your particular vision.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help increase your online traffic with digital ads!