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Graphic Design: More than Just Copy and Paste

September 18, 2018

4 Graphic Design Life Hacks

With all the online technology on the market today, there are tons of free ways to design products for your business, including flyers, pamphlets, business cards and websites. Although it is tempting to do these things yourself, graphic design is far more complicated than you may think. Original and effective design requires a creative brain with extensive training. Professional graphic designers produce the highest quality products to further your brand and business. They are also more cost-effective than having inexperienced employees design graphics. Read on for the top four reasons to hire a graphic designer.

Save Your Time

When it comes to graphic design, there is definitely a learning curve. Don’t waste time figuring out the commands on new software or deciphering terms like bleed, stitching, CMYK or outlining fonts. Hire someone who is already familiar with graphic design technology and terminology. Find someone who spends all their time perfecting their craft. As a small business owner, your workload is already heavy, so tasks like graphic design are often pushed to the side until the last minute. Graphic designers have quicker turn around times so you won’t be scrambling days before you need a product. 

Save Your Money

As all business owners know, it is more cost effective to do something right the first time than to repeat the same task. The same applies for graphic design. It is better to pay for quality design the first time instead of trying to design something yourself and then re-doing it every few months. Great design may cost more up front, but its longevity lowers the cost of design over time.

Not only are graphic designers experts at creating, they also have a great deal of experience with printing. Designers will know which printing company is best for the specific product you are wanting. Additionally, they may have fostered a relationship with certain printing companies, which can save you money on printing costs. Once you settle on a printer, the graphic designer will know exactly how to prepare each file for the fastest turn around and the best results.

Gain a New Perspective

Two brains are always better than one, especially when it comes to design and marketing. Graphic designers will be able to take your ideas, build on them and carry them a step further. If you are struggling to find inspiration for your next project, a graphic designer will take that stress off your shoulders. Once you begin using a graphic designer for all your design needs, he or she can produce coordinated designs to give your business brand recognition

Stand out Among the Crowd

Great graphic designers will be able to create original content that is unlike the competition. Not only will this make you more recognizable to customers, but it will boost your business’s brand. If you use templates that are already online to design something for your business, your work will look very similar to other companies that have used the same template. The originality of graphic designers’ work will increase your business’s equity as well. This is because the name recognition your branded items have with customers is a valuable part of your company.

Effective graphic design increases your customers’ perceived credibility of your business and creates a great first impression. The graphic design products your business uses should be just as high quality as the products and services your business provides. When the quality of your presentation matches the quality of your products, your business becomes unstoppable.

When you're ready to hire a professional graphic designer to work for your business, reach out to Cork Tree Creative! Our staff includes four well-trained graphic designers who have the talent, originality and dedication to boost your company’s design portfolio. To learn more about our graphic design services, give us a call at (618) 656-7333.