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Grow Your Business with Events Marketing

June 30, 2014

Why Events Marketing? 

Going to a party can be a lot of fun. Hosting a party can be a lot of work! Many successful business owners understand the importance of events marketing to engage their existing client base, promote their business to new prospects and show appreciation for customers and/or employees. Events are often used to raise money for not-for-profit organizations as well. And they help to gain awareness for a good cause. An effective events marketing program doesn’t start with the invitation and end with last call. The pre-and post-party planning can take an entire team to ensure the event runs smoothly. Additionally, enlisting the help of marketers helps to target the right people and influence their buying decisions.

Why It Matters

Here’s one example: If you are a major company inviting your top 10 clients to an event to give out awards, shake a few hands, and relationship build, it’s important that the right decision makers from each company are in attendance. It’s practically impossible to get all of the top executives in one place. However, it should be a top priority to have your biggest and best customers in attendance. Businesses’ events may also fail when event planners neglect to notify the proper media outlets. Did you notify any of the local Chambers? Did the press hear about the “feel good story” that highlights the success of your local, family-owned company? Afterwards, did someone draft a press release announcing the success of the event? Proper events marketing will not only help your event run more smoothly, but it will also promote your business.

Cork Tree Creative has planned events both large and small! We work hard to make sure businesses are properly promoted through social media outlets and beyond. Additionally, we help reach existing customers and garner new interest. You take care of your clients, and we will take care of the rest! Our events marketing professionals will ensure photos are taken, to-do’s are marked off lists, and systematic plans are implemented. Give us a call today at (618) 656-7333.