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March is National Women's Month: Let Us Inspire You!

March 2, 2015

Cork Tree Creative Celebrates National Women's Month

As a women-owned and operated company, Cork Tree Creative likes to celebrate the roles we play in business and in the home. Since March is National Women’s Month, we thought it was fitting to share the “Marketing to Women Trends to Watch” article we came across recently at As women grow into their prime earning years, companies need to recognize they are setting the stage of what’s yet to come for their younger counterparts in terms of buying decisions.  

The author predicts that 2015 will be another monumental year for companies to embrace the visual environment that is “social media”. She states “women have long been the photo album makers, scrapbook keepers and the memory/milestone custodians for their households in the offline world." This memory-keeping strategy has now shifted online. Websites, social media contests and retail spaces should consider what women buyers deem as “appealing”. Watch a Target commercial closely next time and you’ll see why women, young and old, love to shop there!

Women, as well as millennials of both genders, look for certain things when making a purchase. Discerning buyers look for the following when making purchasing decisions: functionality and good aesthetic design, brands that make the world a better place, family-friendly amenities and services as well as an engaging retail environment offering value. Most women (and millenials alike) love Trader Joe’s, Starbucks, and Apple because “they provide high value products in inspiring environments”. 

Now we can make purchases with our smartphones and surf the web with our tablets, but what hasn’t changed is the women’s role as “chief purchasing officer” of the home. The author goes on to say that no matter how fast technology advances, one thing remains unchanged: women are the purchasers of this world, and understanding why she buys is something businesses should embrace in their strategic marketing plans. Need a new strategy in place for your business? Contact Cork Tree Creative and we can help. We're ready to speak with you @ (618) 656-7333.