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Offering Staff Headshots & More for Your Business

December 24, 2017

Professional Headshots for your Brand

In today’s world of iPhones and Androids, we snap picture after picture with our high-resolution camera phones. Yet when someone turns the camera to us, we instantly shy away. With a society driven by visuals, we cannot neglect the importance of having quality photos of ourselves. At Cork Tree Creative, we recently stepped out of our comfort zones and conquered our fears of the dreaded headshot and had a blast while doing it. And guess what? Your staff can do the same.

Step 1

The first thing you need for a successful photo shoot is a quality photographer, of course. Luckily for us (and you, too), we have a camera mastermind on staff, Carmen Sledge. When Carmen took our headshots, she helped each of us pick a variety of poses that fit our personalities. She also gave us direction on what colors and patterns to wear, so that we not only complemented the photo backdrop, but we also all complemented each other when it came time for our group photo. Our photo-shoot would not have been the fun, successful day that it was without Carmen’s keen eye and talent. She's ready to help you bring some aesthetic to your team page!

Step 2

The next ingredients for a “not so corporate” headshot are props and poses. The options for props are endless; however, you want to make sure that it is appropriate and makes sense to be included in the photo. Are you a caffeine fiend? Hold a cup of Joe in your photo. Do you have a favorite fedora or baseball cap? Rock it on photo day.  One of our clients decided to bring in their adorable dogs to their photo shoot and the pictures turned out great. When you’re having fun, the photographs convey how you’re feeling and you’ll love how you look.

Step 3

Last, we can refer you to the best hair and make-up folks around and schedule the photo shoot at our office or on site at your business. Our talented staff can help create a top-quality photo shoot for you with perfect lighting and a keen eye.  All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll go over the many options available based on your budget and project. Is it time to update that new brochure with staff headshots? Do your social media pages and website pages need a more contemporary look? Custom photography does just that! Call us at (618) 656-7333 or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.