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Telltale Signs Your Website is Outdated

April 9, 2021

Is Your Website Outdated?

Technology continually updates and grows. To stay competitive, your website must adapt and modify to these changes. When your website becomes cluttered and hard to navigate, it is time to renovate. One of the easiest ways to boost sales and conversion rates is to keep your viewers engaged on your page.

According to a case study, redesigns and SEO campaigns increase website leads by 314%. To fully optimize your website, it must be easily accessible, contain concise and informative information, and writes for SEO. Also, giving your consumers relevant information they can rely on forms trust between your consumers and your business.

Working alongside a digital marketing firm will increase your website traffic and visibility. At Cork Tree Create, we specialize in website design and strategy to drive more conversions, sales, and brand awareness.

Here are signs that your website needs an update:

CHECKLIST: What Makes a Website “Out of Date”?

Do a quick run-through of your website and answer these questions to determine if your website is outdated. This will help you keep track of where things could be going wrong. If you notice issues, write them down so you can ask a trusted agency to help you fix or update them:

1. Is your website difficult to use?

Adding simple fixes that make the user's experience easier will keep viewers on your website. Every website should address your target audience's needs and incorporate a CTA. Consistency is also key. Having active hyperlinks and internal links allows your consumers to learn more about your business and decrease your bounce rate. Creating a positive user experience builds trust and satisfaction, increasing the chances of someone using your website again.

2. Does your website load quickly?

Having a website that takes a long time to load will sink your conversion rates. With so many competitive websites and information on the internet, people won't take the time to wait for your website to load. Search engines like Google notice when websites take longer to download and will deem them unreliable. This will harm your search engine optimization ranking and will decrease your visibility.

 3. How does the mobile version work?

Most people use different platforms on their phones daily. Whether they are browsing, shopping, or scrolling through social media, it is easy for consumers to move to the next thing if something is hard to navigate. Having a website that is visually appealing on a computer and smartphone increases your business's branding and mobile friendliness.

4. Do you have enough content?

Keeping your writing easy to understand will engage your audience and make it easier to retain. Best SEO practices recommend keeping your word count over 300 and regularity adding new content. Make your writing style consistent across all mediums so it matches your brand. To best optimize your website rankings, integrate search engine marketing into your website strategy. Writing content for SEO will increase the likelihood of Google ranking your website higher on user searches.

5. What does your web design and attached media look like?

Making sure your website is visually appealing with cohesive, clean, and consistence design elements will enhance your user's experience. Incorporate quotes, digital graphics, photos, and video marketing into your website to make your business more interactive. Graphic design and attached media are effective ways to convey information and your brand to your audience, so optimize design elements to improve your overall look and traffic.

Working Alongside an Agency

Reconstructing and designing your website can be overwhelming. At Cork Tree Creative, our graphic design team has the knowledge and tools to update your website. Let us incorporate web strategy, graphic design, and SEO writing throughout your pages.