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Does Social Media in the Workplace Make Sense?

June 17, 2022

How business owners should handle social media

Published just this month, Fox Media reported that studies now indicate social media may actually have some tangible benefits in the workplace. This surprising study poses an important question. Now that social networking is here to stay, is it better to offer employees appropriate training for using social media instead of banning it from the workplace?

Keeping all social media forbidden is not exactly easy.

Before social media, there were numerous ways employees could get distracted at work, including water cooler gossip. Social media is the same thing with a twist! Social media can keep us informed and connected personally and professionally. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn can generate sales leads while also informing us about industry trends and competitors. Therefore, it just makes sense to know what people and businesses are doing in similar industries if we want to stay current ourselves.

Taking a customized approach in the workplace is key.

It may not make sense anymore to completely prohibit the use of Facebook from your employees' work computers. Fox Media's study indicates that social media platforms can generate stronger bonds between co-workers. Therefore, it can cultivate a better working environment. A positive workplace helps to make companies successful (and employees happy too).

Social Media in the workplace conclusion

Maybe it’s time to take more of a proactive approach on how it can help your organization grow. The team at Cork Tree Creative can sit down with you and discuss your needs. Do your employees have LinkedIn profiles to help them network amongst others in your industry? Is your staff aware of industry trends? By putting a social media policy in place, you will be able to teach your team the proper way to use social media. Contact Cork Tree Creative, Inc. We can discuss how social media is changing the way many businesses are working today. Call or email us at (618)656-7333, or find us online on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.