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The Scariest Things About Marketing… De-bunked

October 30, 2020

What scares people about marketing?

Working at a marketing agency, we have heard our fair share of reasons why business owners are hesitant (or terrified) to invest in marketing. “Marketing is too complicated.” “I don’t have the time to market my business.” “I am not tech-savvy, so how can I possibly market my business online?” Just to name a few. In honor of spooky season, let’s get these urban legends de-bunked and find out what scares people most about marketing:

  1. Marketing is ever-changing. Do you remember the days when Vine was the hot new social media app? Now, TikTok is all the rage. In a few months, a new platform will hit the app store. Marketing can truly change in an instant. Google is constantly altering its algorithm and recently just launched Google Analytics 4. LinkedIn just got a facelift and Facebook Ads Manager updates often. There is so much to learn and try and it all could change tomorrow. Business owners tend to be intimated by this and it causes them to stray away from marketing altogether. However, as professional digital marketers, it is our job to stay up to date and knowledgeable of the current marketing trends and what is around the corner. At Cork Tree, we are constantly evolving and adapting our marketing strategies to fit our clients’ needs. While change can often be scary, we embrace it in the marketing agency world, and it is what gets us out of bed every morning.
  2. Marketing is “too expensive”. It is not uncommon for marketing to be one of the first things to be cut in companies’ annual budget meetings. Why? Because marketing is often viewed as a non-essential cost to execs and management. However, we disagree and as the COVID-19 pandemic has proven, a company’s online presence is now more important than ever. At Cork Tree, we work with a variety of clients with different sized budgets. We help small businesses realize that just because they do not have a massive budget doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a marketing plan in place. Our marketing strategists create campaigns that are innovative and cost-effective, helping clients get the most bang for their buck. For example, a client may not be able to afford to advertise on a billboard in downtown St. Louis or purchase a TV commercial, but that doesn’t mean they can’t afford a Google Ads campaign. The idea that all marketing is expensive is an outdated way of thinking that often holds businesses back from truly engaging with their customers.
  3. People dislike ads. Have you ever said “Man, I just love receiving advertisements”? Probably not. But, have you ever wanted a specific item, such as a pair of boots and then seen an ad on Facebook for that exact pair? Probably. The truth is people may not like the idea of advertisements, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work. The days of the Internet being filled with tacky pop-up ads are over. Digital advertising has matured and is now a more sophisticated, seamless experience for online consumers. For example, influencer marketing has completely changed the social media landscape. Influencers’ aesthetic Instagram posts allow brands to market their products in a way that does not feel salesy, but rather feels fun and personable. With Google Ads and digital retargeting ads, companies can be much more specific in their marketing efforts, targeting people who truly care about their product or service rather than shouting to the masses. According to, 70% of people are more likely to convert on a website once they have been served retargeting ads. The fear that people hate ads is no longer a valid excuse to stay out of the online advertising game. At Cork Tree, our copywriters, graphic designers and web developers work hand in hand when launching a digital advertising campaign for a client. They draft punchy, engaging copy, design beautiful ads that align with the brand, and create landing pages that convert.

With Cork Tree’s comprehensive services and experienced team, marketing doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, many of our clients say we make it easy (and even fun). Contact us today to learn what we can do for you. Happy Halloween!