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Take This Blog & Read It

July 15, 2015

Blogging has evolved since the Internet began. I recall talking to friends who wanted to make a little extra money by blogging. Primarily, they planned to write about their daily activities, regardless of whether they were a stay-at-home parent or an entrepreneur. If you Google “blogging," you’ll likely find articles on "how to make it rich" as a blogger. While there is some money to be found in blogging, the reality is blogging is no longer solely a profession. Rather, businesses and corporations now use blogs to share knowledge about their services, products and philosophies. Today, they offer more than just one person’s daily journal entry about their new pet or book they’ve read. 

How Can Companies Use Blogs?

Our clients have increasingly decided to include blogs and articles on their websites. In doing so, they have the opportunity to highlight the latest and greatest trends in their industry. In a way, it makes sense. Customers want to rely on their favorite brands for knowledge and expertise. They believe these brands offer expertise that may not be commonly known. Almost all of us turn to websites and the Internet when we seek information. You must have a website to keep up with increased competition. In addition, adding a blog to your website can be the best way to include newsworthy information.

What Type Of Content Should Be Included?

Whatever you write need to be relevant to your brand and your audience. Additionally they need to reflect topics the general public understands. All of us work in industries that use acronyms and phrases that only the “inside circle” may recognize. What happens when customers search online and don’t understand that special abbreviation? It gets lost in translation! Cork Tree Creative is often hired to research proper keywords and phrases for clients before writing a blog or online article. Furthermore, customers are often surprised when they learn some of the most important products or services they offer are not even searched for online! This is a result of using too specific terms. While they may think these words are “common,” consumers do not understand them. Using the right terms is important for businesses to spread the word about what they do or sell. 

Ready To Get Started?

Blog posts take some forethought. They also need to be written with keywords that Google likes. Most importantly, they need to be written with a purpose. That purpose should be focused on your client, or target audience. While it’s not always easy to write a blog when you manage a business, don't fret! Cork Tree Creative can work with you and develop purposeful blogs. These blogs will not only be searched online, but they will be written with style and flair, customized to suit your needs. Want to learn more about blogging for your business? Give us a call today, and set up a free consultation with. 618-656-7333.