How to Optimize Your Press Release for Social Media/SEO

June 30, 2014

Optimizing Press Releases for SEO and Social Media

Are you making the most of your company's press release?

I can remember the day when hand delivering and faxing a press release was the norm in the public relations industry. Headline, date line, a great lead sentence and a quote or two was all that you needed to complete a press releaser. Today, those same standards apply, but there is so much more that can be done to maximize the effectiveness of a news release. We are going to show you how to get your company the attention it deserves.

Press releases should now be considered social media and SEO tools. Why not use the marketing content that you are sending out to mainstream media to your absolute advantage? Take every opportunity to optimize your PR efforts by using the most relevant keywords to get maximum exposure online. Add that same news release to your website with links and keywords for even greater use.

Here are some tips to take your next news release to the next level:

  • Use relevant keywords in your headline – Add a keyword phrase (3-4 words) that includes search terms for which you hope to be found in Google.
  • Use trending topics as part of your lead – Try to incorporate a trending topic into your press release. Tools such as Google Trends and Google Insights will help you discover trending topics that are relevant to your press release. 
  • Add a visual – If you have videos or photos to enhance your news release, use them! People love visually engaging content. It helps tell the story in a more impactful way. 
  • Link to your website – Use hyperlinks on keywords in your news release (maximum 1 per 100 words). Make sure they point back to a relevant part of the website. 
  • Share it! Share the press release on your social media platforms. Add it to your website and send out an email campaign with a link to the release. Work it!
  • Shorten your headline – Keep your headline under 75 characters including spaces. Google will only read the first 60-65 characters. 
  • Always use a boiler plate – The press release must always include a boiler plate/about us section so you are able to direct readers with a call to action: “For more information, call XYZ at (555) 555-5555” or “Follow XYZ on Twitter @xyz”

So the next time you write a news release and plan to send it out to media, use these tips to take it even further with an online strategy. Need help? Give us a call at (618) 656-7333. We are a full-service public relations firm in the St. Louis Metro area that is ready to help!

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